ArtistRelease Credit Year Label Certifications,
Lou Ridley”Bless Your Heart”W2022
Mikaila Murphy”Float”W, P2022
Command Dos”Drape Time”W, P2022
Danielle Juhre”Strangers Again”W, P2022
Tara Macri”Waking Up In California”P2022
Nehemiah”Show Me The Way”W, P2022
Teddi Gold”Pineapple Pinata”W2021
Reed Waddle”Tidal Wave”W2021
Reece Young, Marlo The Barbarian”You”W, P2021
Elevado”Lost In Ca”W, P2021
Command Dos”My Magnetic North”W, P2021
Mimi Webb”Dumb Love”W, P2020Epic#12 on UK Charts
BPI: Silver
ARIA: Platinum
Reece Young”All In My Head”W, P2020
Teddi Gold”Boom Boom”W2020
Nikita Karmen”Came Close”W2020
David J”Rideaway”W2020
Command Dos”Proof”W, P2020
Command Dos”Never Really In Love”W, P2020
Poel”Zuma”W, P2019
Tebey”Holladay Inn”W, P2018
Tara Macri”Baby You Got Me”P2018
Jonathon Jircitano”Falling Into Place”W, P2017
Jeffrey East”Still Crazy”W2017
Wanderraven”Dishonest”W, P2017
Big City Villains”Cookies And Cream”W, P2017
Big City Villains”Feeling Better”W, P2017
Kill The Alarm”Wish You Well”W, P2016
Kill The Alarm”Body And Soul”W, P2016
Honor By August”Last Chance”W2014X-Factor (2014)
Kill The Alarm”The Only One”W, P2012
Kill The Alarm”Begin Again”W, P2012
Kill The Alarm”No More Excuses”W, P2007Unrivaled (Lionsgate, movie)
Kill The Alarm”Fire Away”W, P2007Jamlegend (2M plays)
NFL, Fox Sports, NBA,
PAC 12
Kill The Alarm”Sit Up”W, P2007MTV Real World
W: Written, P: Produced